Chicago’s Michelles began as a solo recording project of Michael Daly, who by the summer of 2013 had amassed enough songs to consider releasing a record. After working on a version on which Michael played every instrument, he made the decision to bring in some outside help in the form of drummer Ryan Farnham. The self-titled debut was released in October of 2013.

With a record in the can, a live band was assembled, and the crew spent 2014-15 developing a live sound and playing most of the rooms that Chicago has to offer. When that lineup dissolved under mysterious circumstances at the end of 2015, Michael holed up in the studio to assemble the jumbled pieces of new music that were in various stages of development. Mixes were finalized at Minbal Studio in Chicago in December of 2016, and the new record Dark as a Daisy is making its way into the world as we speak.

“[Michelles’] new single “All Is Forgiven” sounds like a mustier and more ambitious version of Smith Westerns, with an injection of swirling psychedelia in the keyboard usage and prog-rock in the revolving structure. Off the project’s upcoming, long-awaited new album, it’s a mightily impressive track that suggests this release is well worth anticipating. Think Suede crossed with Smith Westerns.” –Obscure Sound

“Sounding a bit like a lost gem from the Creation Records catalog, Michelles’ debut switches identities casually and masterfully from Velvets-y psych pop of “Coming Up Weeds” to the garage stomp of “Brighter Day,” all the while recalling many of our fave Brit bands. On “Seasick Accidents” the band swings for the fences with big guitar hooks, Beatlesque mellotron, and an acid rock breakdown. Somehow, the Chicago boys keep the whole ship afloat.” -John Dugan, johndugan.net