There’s an almost mystic quality to Michelles’ “Illusions;” a subtle darkness paired with a charming warmth that breaks through, seeping under the skin. The lead single off the Chicago band’s forthcoming third album The Empty Promises of Rock and Roll – a compelling title, if ever there was one – is a kind of groovy hypnosis: A steady rock pulse engulfs the ears as Michael Daly and co rise and fall with passionate fervor. I’m not always one to make comparisons, but hearing this song, I can’t help but think of it as pairing MGMT’s psychedelia perfectly with The Smiths’ raw candor and heart-on-sleeve sincerity. —Atwood Magazine 1_20_22


Can the human brain be hacked? Can your brain create illusions? The answer can be found in the new single by Chicago-based rock band Michelles. “Illusions” takes inspiration from the neo-psychedelia blending it’s indie rock sound and the gentle guitars with vintage synthesizers. Melodic driven, it engages the listeners and takes them on a journey into the unknown. Best enjoyed while watching colorful patterns through a kaleidoscope. The track is part of the album The Empty Promises of Rock and Roll. Listen below!  — Secret Eclectic 1_19_22