Seasick Accidents

There’s a new song up on souncloud…it’s called seasick accidents, and here’s a few things about it.

As for many lyrics, the whole song was based around the first line, and I’m not sure it has any specific meaning, but it had a good ring to it.

There are several guitar tracks, a basic picked rhythm part in the left channel, played on a Sheraton II through a late 70’s Twin, the 100w version with the push/pull master volume.  It was mic’d with a Shure 57, most likely.

The lead parts are with the same guitar through the same amp, but feature the sweet fuzz of a green Sovtek Big Muff.  These things used to cost $59 at guitar center in the mid 90’s, and are now fetching ridiculous prices on eBay.  But they do sound good, much better than the later NYC reissues, and more durable.  I’ve got a pile of those motherfuckers that are broken in one way or another.

The organ parts are a Farfisa mini-compact, through a Boss DD3, which provides the echo and the sort of moaning pitch shift effects.  Also through the Twin, but mic’d with an Oktava 319.  Those silly Russians put all that military surplus to good use after the wall fell.

That’s about it…vocals, drums, eh who cares.

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