Breaking News

The new record is awaiting mastering, and new shows hopefully on the horizon, and new people probably playing new and old music. Because everything that is old will be new again.


Michelles v3 is busy in the space plucking strings, pushing buttons, singing words, and tightening it up.  Shows will come soon, Dark as a Daisy will transcend ones and zeroes, thought will become sweat, light through the trees, shimmering asphalt, sweet petrichor memories, shanti, shanti, shanti.

PAYOLA, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the music industry

Dear Unnamed Music Blog– Imagine my excitement when I received your email explaining that you had received my album submission, and enjoyed it enough to write a review.  Now keep in mind this wasn’t a cold call on my end, someone who apparently contributes to your site had previously contacted me saying that they had heard some tunes, liked them, and encouraged me to submit to your site for consideration. As I read on, however, my excitement quickly turned to bewilderment as you laid out your payment scale, ranging from a free mention in a weekly roundup, which doesn’t include any links or relevant information, up to $40 for a professionally written review, with links and everything! And to make sure you don’t dissuade people with the chance of a critical review, you even offer a guaranteed rating of 3.0 or above. Wow, what a deal!  Continue reading

Dark as a Daisy

Well, that’s that…  The long gestating new record has been tracked, re-tracked, mixed, re-mixed, tweaked and twisted and then one day you decide to say it’s done, and that’s how records are made.  As of this writing, it is only available on Bandcamp, but it is making its way through the intricate series of tubes, and will soon be on all of your favorite digital platforms for download and streaming.  What a world!darkasadaisy1200x1200

Record’s Done(ish)

The new record is in the can, awaiting final mastering and artwork.  It’s been a torturous process as anything that one spends months working on should be…  It’s been tweaked and twisted, re-tracked and re-mixed more times than I care to think about.  Records aren’t finished, they’re abandoned.

August again, again?

Yes, it has been a long year since last bothering to write into the ether.  And what has transpired?  Well, Bernie lost, so the thousands of dollars we helped raise on his behalf are hopefully going somewhere useful.  Shortly after that, Doug stopped returning calls, and has since been missing and feared dead.  This partially explains the lack of live playing in a year.  It’s harder than one might have thought to find someone who can play guitar, keys, and sing, and doesn’t mind doing it all for nothing but Schlitz.  But meanwhile, given the time off from the exhausting work of playing to empty but loving houses, writing and recording resumed, and there is now a long player in the can, which will come out shortly, maybe.  Or I could keep rewriting and rerecording until the end of time, which would be fine.